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In recent years, the issue of contaminated water has emerged in the world, resulting in the danger and risk of health deterioration. As such, many brands have come up with water purification products to address this problem, and the market has been flooded with numerous water purification products since then, which lead to consumer’s confusion when it comes to the right choice of products. 

Water filtration systems differ in size, price, usage and efficiency while different customers will have different demands for these purification products: Either overspend and yet underutilize the purification system or underspend and yet overuse the system.

To help address this concern, Livingcare, A local Singaporean brand that has an expertise in water purification products, has come up with a full range of products that you can choose from, especially one that best suits your lifestyle in terms of the price range, design, functionality, and usage frequency. Here are some water purification reviews so you can know what each product will do for your water and what features suit your needs to help you choose one best suited to your needs. 


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A water dispenser with convenience as its hallmark, the Ivory series water dispenser comes with an instant hot/cold water option and this makes it convenient to use either at home or office. The temperatures set at 95oc for hot water and 4oC for cold water and this outstanding function eliminates the time wasted in waiting. This water system follows through four filtration stages to reduce contaminants like dust, rust and organic compounds. Its Nano-membrane helps remove bacteria and heavy metals. While preserving minerals in water and this guarantee the water you drink is brewing with antioxidants. The ivory series water dispenser is available as a tabletop version or standing version, which is perfect for pantry in an office setting.


Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Livingcare

When it comes to slimness and sleekness, the Pearl series water dispenser takes the lead. This 12.3cm slim design can easily fit into the most spaces, even the most limited kitchen spaces. This filter comes with varying choices of preset temperatures 7, 9, 11, 45, 70, 90°C so that you can immediately use at an ideal temperature without waiting for the water to be boiled or cool down. Unlike other products that use  2-3 filters, the Pearl series combines 3 filters (the sediment, carbon block and UF filters) into 1 filter for maximum health benefit. These 3 in 1 Filters is easily replaced, which makes it an economical choice with high convenience. The self-changeable All-in-One Filter ensures your water is 99% free of harmful bacteria and contaminants like chlorine, rust and sediment. 

Due to its self-cleaning ability, its filter lifespan is prolonged and you do not have to change the filters frequently to enjoy clean and safe water every day. In addition, the Pearl series is eco-friendly. It also comes with a child-lock safety feature that protects your kid against hot water accidents and this makes this system ideal for those spaces with children running around.


Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Livingcare

What sets the Jewel series water dispenser apart is its motorless and tankless design. Due to these features, no energy is wasted on reheating water in the tank throughout the day. It also ensures that there is no stagnant water present in the machine or the water tubing to prevent contamination or build-up of bacteria/residue. The Jewel series water dispenser is the first of its kind. It is the first motorless and tankless dispenser in Singapore.

Besides, Jewel Series water dispenser model has a wide range of soft pastel colours and svelte appearance that complements any home interior. And With its carbon block and nano positive filter, getting clean drinking water is a guarantee. To top it all, the carbon block comes at a pH that contains additional Mg fine particles for mild alkaline water that has been shown to enhance hydration, slow ageing, and aid weight loss. 


Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Livingcare

If you are looking specifically for a water purification product to tackle heavy metals,  Undersink Filtration System is what you are looking for. Its anti-bacterial UF-membrane that filters heavy metals, unwanted chemicals and microcontaminants up to 0.01 while still allowing beneficial minerals. The undersink filtration system has a 5-stage filtration that ensures your water is free of harmful contaminants and brimming with minerals while you can get filtered water straight out of a faucet .

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