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Singapore's Best & No.1 Trusted Water Dispenser Supplier.

Experience the best hot and cold water dispenser technology in Singapore with Livingcare. Our water purifiers and water filter system instantly produce hot or cold alkaline water.

As the best water dispenser supplier and a leading water purifier company in Singapore, we pride ourselves in producing and delivering high-quality products and services.

At Livingcare, we aim to bring health and wellness into every household for a clean and healthy lifestyle for everyone.


A high degree of customer orientation and flexibility are core values of our philosophy. We make no compromises about providing the safest and highest quality products and services to fulfil the trust and expectations of all of our customers.


First in Singapore to have a patent registered for thermoelectric semiconductor applied for Instant Cooling System.


We utilize the same code of quality practice across all areas of our business – from research, development to production, distribution, and sales – to consistently deliver products and services of uniform quality.

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