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Water is the most essential factor contributing to one’s health, but not all boiled water is free of harmful bacteria to be drinkable while getting a water purifier may take up a great amount of your kitchen space and use up your electricity even if you don’t use it all time. As such, Livingcare has come up with the Jewel water purifying product, which is the perfect solution for your health, kitchen space, and minimal electricity use, making it Singapore’s first award-winning water purifying product!

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Video Source: Livingcare

This Jewel water purifier has been recognized by international authorities as a truly innovative product with highly efficient use of space and energy. It has even received Korea Electronics Show’s (KES) innovation award and has been certified by the Korean government. With its cutting-edge eco-friendly features, stylish design, and minimal energy use, this product will be an ideal addition to your home and your family’s health!

Here are some unique features of Jewel water purifier that will get you totally amazed:


Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Livingcare

The inventive motorless water purifying system of this product has made it one of the best machines available in this genre. It has an eco-friendly standby mode that consumes zero energy to help homeowners like you save on your electricity bills while making the product itself more sustainable to save on your cost of maintenance!


One of the best qualities that sets Jewel water purifier apart from other brands is its ability to dispense water at 7 different temperatures. This includes room temperature, hot temperature (45, 70, and 90 degrees), and cold temperature (7, 9, and 11 degrees).

This function allows you to immediately use the water at your most convenience without waiting for it to be boiled or cooled down to your preferred temperature! There’s even a child-lock for protection that prevents your kids from scald or boiled water burn


Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Livingcare

Livingcare’s Jewel water purifier owns an ultra slim and light design that complements your home’s interior. In specific, the sleek dimension of W 13cm x D 39cm x H 32cm has made it a gorgeous product with a modern design that is space-saving!

Additionally, this product comes with an exclusive range of stunning pastel colors, including seafoam mint, flamingo pink, powder blue, chiffon white, and midnight black so that you can choose the best one that suits your overall kitchen theme!


Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Livingcare

Livingcare’s Jewel water purifier is a proven innovation that dispenses healthy alkaline antioxidants water that is 99.99% free of harmful bacteria and contaminants. This helps increase body’s water absorption so that you get more hydration directly to your kidneys and liver, which plays a key role in detoxing the body. Moreover,  Alkaline antioxidants water also helps balance the pH levels in the body, maintaining acid-alkaline ratios in the blood to prevent cell damage from fatty foods, smoking, alcohol, etc and boost your immune system.

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