ONYX Filters (Non-Alkaline)

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The ONYX's 6 stage filtration system specifically designed for high capacity nano reduction of chemicals, bacteria and sediments from the feed water.

1 set of filter last up to 1 year

Sediment Filter

Removes impure sediments like sand, dirt, rust, loose scale and silt from the water. 


Pre & Post Carbon Filter

Particularized filtration of chlorine, chemicals, flouride, foul taste and odor.


Nanoporous Filtration

Filtrates unwanted and impure organic molecules of up to 0.001 microns in size using membrane based technology with a profusion of polymer films.



Buffers acids and ensures that the water tastes pleasantly clean and refreshing. Softens the water to induce a light water experience.



Naturally adjusts the pH level of the water to 8.5. Induces smaller H2O clusters and anti-oxidants allowing cells to absorb easier and thereby enhancing hydration.


Livingcare SG stands as your premier destination for ONYX Water Filters (non-alkaline) in Singapore, catering to discerning customers seeking the pinnacle of purification technology for their homes. Our ONYX Filters boast an advanced 6-stage filtration system, meticulously crafted to ensure unparalleled purity by effectively reducing chemicals, bacteria, and sediments from your water source. With each set of filters boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 1 year, you can rest assured that your water purification needs are met with both long-term reliability and convenience.

Beginning with the initial Sediment Filter, our filtration system diligently removes impurities such as sand, dirt, rust, and silt, guaranteeing that your water is devoid of any visible contaminants. Progressing further, the Pre & Post Carbon Filter provides specialized filtration, targeting chlorine, chemicals, fluoride, and undesirable tastes and odors, resulting in crisp, clean water that invigorates the senses and promotes hydration.

Our commitment to purity extends even further with our Nanoporous Filtration technology, which elevates purification to unprecedented levels. By utilizing membrane-based technology to filter out unwanted organic molecules as small as 0.001 microns, we ensure that even the most minute impurities are effectively eradicated, leaving you with water that is truly pristine and safe for consumption.

The inclusion of the Bicarbonate+ filter adds a touch of refinement to your water experience by buffering acids and enhancing the taste of your water, resulting in a refreshingly clean and inviting flavor profile. Moreover, it softens the water, providing a light and revitalizing sensation with every sip. At Livingcare SG, our dedication lies in providing you with more than just water—it's about delivering water that nourishes, revitalizes, and elevates your lifestyle. Discover the unparalleled difference with ONYX Filters, where purity seamlessly meets perfection, exclusively available through Livingcare SG in Singapore.