iMist Shield

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Color Daisy White

Water is all we need to keep our loved ones healthy and safe.

Adopting electrolytic technology, iMist Shield effectively moisturises & provides high-grade disinfection with only water in seconds — whenever, wherever. The perfect hydrator & disinfectant for anything on your body—your face, a wound, or even your phone. Excellent for international travels, the gym, school or after a busy day out in the city.

*Effect lasts for 3 hours each time

  • Moisturises up to 8H
  • Gentle Steriliser: No Additives
  • Portable & Ergonomic Design
  • Combat Skin Troubles
  • Safe even on baby skin
  • Easily refillable, no maintenance required
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, spores, mold within seconds

iMist Shield electrolyzes water and generates Hydrogen ion. The Hydrogen ion then destroys bacteria, safeguarding us on-the-go.

Hydroxyl ions (OH¯) are created by water electrolysis

Combined with proton and hydroxyl ion which extract Hydrogen Ion (H+) from bacteria protein coat and cell membrane

Bacteria is eliminated after damaged protein coat and cell membrane. Hydroxyl ion (OH¯) combines with hydrogenated ion (H+) and becomes H2O

Slide once for a fine, refreshing spritz of hydrogen water which permeates deep into skin for long-lasting moisture. Slide twice to activate gentle anti-bacterial mist spray, suitable for skin & surfaces. Slide every 3 hours to activate desired mode again.

Best Body Care in Singapore

In a world where health and safety are paramount, Livingcare SG presents iMist Shield, a revolutionary product designed to keep you and your loved ones protected wherever you go. Available in captivating colors like Daisy White and Rosy Blush, iMist Shield harnesses the power of water to provide advanced moisturization and high-grade disinfection, without the need for any additional additives. iMist Shield utilizes cutting-edge electrolytic technology to instantly moisturize and disinfect with just water, anytime and anywhere you need it. Whether you're at home, traveling internationally, hitting the gym, attending school, or navigating the bustling city streets, iMist Shield is your perfect companion for maintaining hygiene and hydration on the go.

Long-Lasting Protection: Enjoy the benefits of iMist Shield for up to 3 hours with each application, providing continuous protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, spores, and mold. Extended Moisturization: Experience up to 8 hours of moisturization with iMist Shield's gentle, additive-free formula, combating dryness and keeping your skin feeling soft and supple. Gentle Sterilization: With its innovative electrolytic technology, iMist Shield eliminates pathogens without the need for harsh chemicals, making it safe even for sensitive baby skin. Portable and Ergonomic Design: Designed for convenience, iMist Shield's sleek and ergonomic design makes it easy to carry and use wherever you go. Plus, it's easily refillable, with no maintenance required. iMist Shield electrolyzes water to generate Hydrogen ions, which then destroy bacteria on contact, providing you with instant protection on the go. Hydroxyl ions (OH¯) created through water electrolysis combine with protons to extract Hydrogen ions (H+) from bacteria, effectively damaging their protein coats and cell membranes, and ultimately eliminating them.

With iMist Shield, staying protected and hydrated is effortless. A single slide activates a fine, refreshing spritz of hydrogen water, deeply penetrating the skin for long-lasting moisture. Slide twice to activate the gentle anti-bacterial mist spray, suitable for both skin and surfaces. And remember, simply slide every 3 hours to reactivate your desired mode for ongoing protection. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of iMist Shield by Livingcare SG. Stay hydrated, stay protected, and stay confident wherever life takes you with our advanced electrolytic technology. Experience the ultimate fusion of science and convenience with iMist Shield.