Featured on GirlStyle: This Slim Water Dispenser Comes In Gorgeous Pastel Shades, Will Make Your BTO Kitchen Extra Chio

Article Credit: GirlStyle By Rachel on 13 Mar 2021

Singapore’s tap water is clean enough for drinking untreated, but having a water dispenser is always a good idea, as extra filtration properties will ensure that the H20 you’re ingesting is the best version that you can get. Though most of such kitchen appliances come in the standard blacks, whites, and greys, this company in Singapore has them in gorgeous pastel shades that will make your HDB kitchen look extra chio

Read on to find out more about Livingcare Singapore’s pastel water dispensers! 

Pastel water dispenser filter Singapore
Photo from Livingcare Singapore

These pastel water dispensers are designed by Livingcare, a homegrown brand that specialises in water filtration devices. They have a few ranges of water dispensers, but we’re absolutely in love with their aptly-named Jewel Series, which includes pretty pastel shades of Flamingo Pink, Powder Blue, and Seafoam Mint.


Pastel Pink water dispenser filter Singapore
Photo from Livingcare Singapore


Don’t worry about it looking clunky or taking up precious space on your kitchen countertop, for these are super slim at just 13cm. In fact, it’s touted to be the slimmest water dispenser of its kind in Singapore, and you can choose between hot and cold modes.

Pastel blue water dispenser filter Singapore


Aesthetics aside, this pastel water dispenser comes with the following benefits:

  • With antioxidants, free of 99% of bacteria
  • Carbon Block Filter to remove chlorine
  • Alkaline pH for better health
  • Eco-friendly, with zero standby energy consumption
  • Child-lock safety features
  • Filter change indicator, with self-changeable filters


Mint green water dispenser filter Singapore
Photo from Livingcare Singapore


Those who prefer minimalism can go for the Chiffon White and Midnight Blackversions.


Slim water dispenser filter Singapore
Photo from Livingcare Singapore


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