Undersink Filtration (5 Stages)

Filtration Stages

  • Premium Carbon Filter – this pre-carbon filter made of premium carbon that removes bad taste and absorbs some of the harmful organic chemicals that may be still present.
  • Nano pH+ Filter combines various layers of calcium ceramics to increase alkalinity and promotes anti-oxidant effect. It also decreases the size of water molecule clusters with abundance of negative ions.
  • Prime UF-Membrane filters unwanted chemicals and heavy metals(e.g. bacteria, virus, microbe) and micro-contaminants up to 0.01 micron while allowing beneficial minerals to go through.
  • Sediment filter removes rust, dust, particles
  • Silver Carbon Block Filter removes chlorine, pigment, organic chemicals and inhibits bacteria growth by silver elution. Foul smell is also eliminated, leaving fresh tasting water for consumption.

    * Silver Carbon Block and Sediment Filter are what makes up the Active Carbon Filter