iMist Shield

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Color Daisy White

Water is all we need to keep our loved ones healthy and safe.

Adopting electrolytic technology, iMist Shield effectively moisturises & provides high-grade disinfection with only water in seconds — whenever, wherever. The perfect hydrator & disinfectant for anything on your body—your face, a wound, or even your phone. Excellent for international travels, the gym, school or after a busy day out in the city.

*Effect lasts for 3 hours each time

  • Moisturises up to 8H
  • Gentle Steriliser: No Additives
  • Portable & Ergonomic Design
  • Combat Skin Troubles
  • Safe even on baby skin
  • Easily refillable, no maintenance required
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, spores, mold within seconds

iMist Shield electrolyzes water and generates Hydrogen ion. The Hydrogen ion then destroys bacteria, safeguarding us on-the-go.

Hydroxyl ions (OH¯) are created by water electrolysis

Combined with proton and hydroxyl ion which extract Hydrogen Ion (H+) from bacteria protein coat and cell membrane

Bacteria is eliminated after damaged protein coat and cell membrane. Hydroxyl ion (OH¯) combines with hydrogenated ion (H+) and becomes H2O

Slide once for a fine, refreshing spritz of hydrogen water which permeates deep into skin for long-lasting moisture. Slide twice to activate gentle anti-bacterial mist spray, suitable for skin & surfaces. Slide every 3 hours to activate desired mode again.