ONYX Water Purifier

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Revolutionize • Re-engineered • Re-defined 

Using the latest patented technology that features Dual Thermoelectric Modules, The ONYX water purifier is designed to elevate cooling performance to the next level. Extra protection with Anti-Microbial coating shield against 99.999% all bacterias, rust and oxidization.

Thermal Electric Module | Ultra Slim Chassis

Alkaline/Non-Alkaline water option available


Price includes:

  • 1 + 2 Complimentary Sets of ONYX Filters (worth $720) that can last for 2 years
  • 1 + 2 Extended Warranty (worth $200)

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ONYX Filters

ONYX Filters



Product Specifications:

  • 13.5cm –Ultra Slim Chassis
  • Eco-Friendly: low standby energy consumption
  • 6 Instant Hot/Cold Temperatures 5-97°C
  • Filter Change Indicator + Self-changeable Filters
  • 6-stage RAON Filtration –Added Bicarbonate water softening with antioxidants, free of bacteria & contaminants
  • ALL NEW! In-built Electrolyzer to sterilize and deep clean water flow path and parts
  • UV Sterilization to maintain a bacteria free nozzle
  • Child-lock Safety Feature: added protection against hot water accidents


In-built Electrolyzer

ONYX water dispenser is uniquely equipped with a electrolyzer for deep cleaning and sterilisation of the entire flowpath and parts. This ensures that the interior parts are continuously kept clean throughout the lifespan of usage.


Dual Thermoelectric Module

A revolutionary water purifier that achieve optimal and instantaneous water with various temperatures catered for different requirements. Our trademarked Thermal electric module cools the water from the water source immediately to provide you with chilled or ice cold water instantly.


Heating Reimagined

ONYX water dispenser can achieve an internal boil with a dispensed temperature of almost 100°C.

extra protection

Anti-Microbial Coating

Coated with surface protectants effective against bacteria and fungus. Additional protection against rust and oxidisation.


6 Stage RAON Filtration

Paving the way for an era of water purfification with our RAON filters with added Bicarbonate water softening.

revolutionised water purifier

Cellular Hydration

Redesigned nanoporous membrane to filtrate H2O into finer molecules for better absorption.

Nano • Bicarbonate • Carbon

Easy Change Filters

The ONYX water dispenser uses 6 stage filtration system specifically designed for high capacity nano reduction of chemicals, bacteria and sediments from the feed water.