Best Water & Air Purifiers in Singapore

ONYX Water Purifier, a pinnacle of innovation in water purification technology. Engineered with patented Dual Thermoelectric Modules, this state-of-the-art appliance ensures unrivaled cooling performance. Its Ultra Slim Chassis, measuring a mere 13.5cm, maximizes space efficiency without compromising functionality. The ONYX Water Purifier features an Anti-Microbial coating, providing an added layer of defense against bacteria, rust, and oxidization. Offering both Alkaline and Non-Alkaline water options, it not only reduces environmental impact with low standby energy consumption but also incorporates a 6-stage RAON Filtration system for thorough water purification. With features like the Filter Change Indicator and Self-changeable Filters, maintenance is hassle-free. Moreover, the ONYX Water Purifier goes beyond mere dispensing, offering 6 Instant Hot/Cold Temperatures ranging from 5-97°C. Its in-built Electrolyzer ensures deep cleaning and sterilization, while UV Sterilization maintains a bacteria-free nozzle. Safety is paramount with the Child-lock Safety Feature, and the trademarked Thermal Electric Module enables instant chilling or ice-cold water. Coated with surface protectants effective against bacteria, fungus, rust, and oxidization, the ONYX Water Purifier sets a new standard for water purification. Featuring a redesigned nanoporous membrane for finer molecule filtration, it promotes better absorption, making it the top choice for those seeking optimal and instantaneous water purification. The ONYX Water Purifier is uniquely designed for high-capacity nano reduction of chemicals, bacteria, and sediments, making it the ultimate solution for clean and safe drinking water.

Experience elegance and efficiency with the Jewel Water Purifier. Available in a stunning array of colors, this purifier isn't just visually appealing; it's also a testament to superior water purification. Utilizing patented Thermoelectric Semiconductor Technology and Natural Antioxidant, this tankless, slim, and motorless purifier ensures instant Hot/Cold water. With a diverse range of temperatures, including room temperature, hot, and cold options, the Jewel Water Purifier caters to various preferences. Its UV Sterilization feature enhances the antioxidant content, ensuring water that is 99% free of bacteria and contaminants. Designed for convenience and safety, it features built-in internal auto-cleaning functions and UV nozzle sterilization, making it ideal for households with babies and toddlers. The Jewel Water Purifier stands out for its ultra-slim and sleek profile, delivering fresh alkaline water with every use while prolonging filter lifespan with its auto self-cleaning function. Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate the ECO-MODE Energy Saving Mode, ensuring minimal power consumption. With Twist & Turn Filters for seamless replacements, the Jewel Water Purifier offers a blend of exquisite design and advanced features, promising clean, safe, and convenient hydration for your household.

Pearl Water Purifier, the epitome of slimness, elegance, and functionality. Available in sophisticated Matt Black and Matt White colors, Pearl ensures the removal of 99% of harmful bacteria and contaminants. Featuring 5 Functions & 7 Instant Temperatures, it caters to diverse household needs. With the capability to eliminate harmful bacteria, rust, chlorine, and sediment, it ensures water purity with 7 Instant Hot/Cold Temperatures ranging from 7-90°C. The Pearl Water Purifier boasts an eco-friendly design with zero standby energy consumption and a Self-Cleaning Function for prolonged filter lifespan. Safety is prioritized with the incorporation of a Child-lock Safety Feature, providing added protection against hot water accidents. Maintenance is simplified with a Filter Change Indicator and Self-changeable All-in-One Filter, offering a hassle-free experience. Elevate your hydration experience with the Pearl Water Purifier, a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, designed to meet your specific needs.

Experience the epitome of air purification with the Amor Air Purifier. Meticulously crafted and powered by advanced H13 HEPA filtration, this premium air purifier is engineered to transform your living space into a haven of pure, invigorating air. The Amor effortlessly captures and eliminates airborne particles, allergens, and pollutants, ensuring a fresh and healthy atmosphere in any room. Compact yet powerful, its sleek design seamlessly integrates into your home decor while covering an impressive area of 45m². Equipped with an OLED Visual Display, the Amor provides real-time insights into air quality, adding a touch of sophistication to your environment. With the Multiple Timing Mode feature, customize purification durations to suit your lifestyle, whether it's a burst of freshness in the morning or tranquil purification throughout the night. Operating at whisper-quiet levels in Sleep Mode, the Amor ensures a peaceful night's sleep while Smart Child Lock feature provides safety and sophistication, creating a secure environment for your loved ones. Seamlessly monitor and enhance air quality with the Smart Sensor, which adapts in real-time to analyze and adjust purification power accordingly. Take command of your air quality with the In-App Control feature, allowing you to customize settings, track air quality metrics, and schedule purification sessions from anywhere via your smartphone. Embrace the luxury of purified air enveloping your space, enhancing the well-being of you and your loved ones with the Amor Air Purifier.