Quartz Water Purifier

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Luxurious • Sensual

Rose Quartz Series elevates the elegance of the interior in any office space

Due to its excellent water purification abilities of the three-stage system (Composite DS Carbon Filter, Positive Charge Membrane Filter & Carbon Block Filter), our Rose Quartz’s stainless steel hot and cold water tank is safe and hygienic from inflow and propagation of 99% of bacteria! 

Price Includes:

1 Set of Quartz Series filter (Worth $365) last up to 1 year

Product Specifications:

  • W24cm by H46.4cm by D51.7cm / 17kg
  • Cold Water Tank - 2.2 Litres
  • Hot Water Tank - 1.3 Litres
  • Power Consumption - 0.6A (cold water), 300W (hot water), compressor 90W
  • Instant Hot (94ºC) Instant Cold (4ºC)
  • Stainless steel water tank to prevent the inflow and growth of external bacteria, making it safe and hygienic for drinking
  • 3/4 Stage Filtration System - Composite DS Carbon Filter - Positive Charge Membrane Filter - Carbon Block Filter (Alkaline optional)
  • Child-Lock Function - Added Protection
  • Water Volume Control Function
  • Full Touch Screen Panel